The Many Health Benefits Of Beer


In this article, I am going to be talking about the main health benefits of the consumption of beer. But, just because it has a couple of health benefits, you should not overdo it. Too much of something is too bad and that is something that everybody knows. I don’t think that it is a good idea to show this guide to your wife, just to prove her wrong. If she’s asking you to drink less beer, it is only because she wants you to be healthy. Consuming alcohol every day is not such a great thing to do anyway.

1. Beer is actually more nutritious than other alcoholic drinks and this is something very obvious, because it includes some really organic things. Beer is also something that has a higher protein content when compared to wine. It contains iron, phosphates, fibre and calcium as well.


2. Secondly, it can even protect your heart. There have been a lot of studies that suggest that moderate drinking of beer, not excessive, reduces the risk of heart attacks, heart disease and strokes. It is probably because beer is something that relaxes you really well.

3. It is a very well-known fact that people who have had kidney stones or people who currently has kidney stones have to drink a lot of fluids. It is also a great idea to drink a lot of beer. Drinking beer is also something that could help reduce your risk of developing kidney stones. According to a recent study that includes both men and women, moderate drinking of beer actually reduced the risk of developing kidney stones by 41%.


4. It is also something that lowers your bad cholesterol levels. Increasing your intake of fibre has a lot of health benefits. It promotes healthy blood sugar levels and blood cholesterol levels. That is why, you need to consume beer moderately.

5. Did you know that beer is something that strengthens your bones? Because of its high silicon content, it is something that will help you build stronger bones.

6. Beer does a fantastic job at helping you reduce stress. Imagine you had a very long day and if it was a hot day as well, having a beer in your hand is something that is going to obliterate your stress levels. There have been a lot of research studies that prove that a beer after a very stressful day helps with anxiety and it helps you cope with stress as well. A lot of people have reported that it helps with depression too.

7. The benefits of consumption of beer or the above, but they only apply if it is in moderate doses. Heavy Drinking is something that is not a recommended.

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