Some Fun Facts About Beer


In this article, I am going to be talking about some very fun facts about beer. Beer happens to be one of the oldest and also most popular beverages around the entire world, especially in bar beers selling craft beer.

In many pubs in Scotland and England, beer is actually very affordable. Just about anybody who has consumed any kind of alcoholic drink has probably been loving dear for a really long time. It is also one of the most inexpensive alcoholic beverages in the entire industry. Beer comes in hundreds of varieties and combinations. It is very popular in most areas of the entire world.

I will now be mentioning some very fun facts about this amazing drink.

1. Anybody out there who has a beard or a mustache can actually tell that it is a real pain to drink beer with a lot of foam. All of that aside, anybody with a face full of hair will realize that beer foam actually sticks to their beard.


2. Beer and marijuana are actually very similar indeed. Parts of beer comes from the cannabis family. If you take a wild guess and if you assume that cannabis, marijuana comes from the same place, you would actually be right on target. All of the above being said, people have tried to take marijuana beer and it has not exactly worked really well. Even though they come from the same family, they are a little different indeed.

3. The worlds oldest drinkable beer was actually discovered in the year 2010 in Finland. It was actually found on a wrecked ship from the 19th century. It was actually fully preserved. Because of the firm on Bing, it had a very acidic aftertaste. Scientists in Finland are still working hard to figure out what the concoction used. If they are able to figure out the recipe, they are planning to call it shipwreck beer.


4. Water is definitely a huge component of beer. Without water, you cannot expect to have a thing like beer. A lot of people do not notice that beer makers actually understand that the water quality plays a significant role when it comes to making beer. Tap water will not do. That’s why, a lot of breweries make use of pure water.


5. During the time that the Egyptians built the mass of pyramid is, they actually drank a lot of beer. This means that people were building permits while they were intoxicated. They believed that beer was actually safe to drink. A lot of people included beer as a part of their meals. Nobody ever complained about your being a problem, especially when they were doing the construction work. As evident by history, it has been a significant part of humanity.

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