Texas Beer Refinery

TBR is a craft beer brewery and taproom located in the small town of Dickinson, TX. We specialize in unique craft brews as well as our well-loved staples.

About Texas Beer Refinery

Founders, John Hearn and Ryan Rhodes, met one evening at BJ’s Brewhouse and started a simple conversation about craft beer. The conversation was the seed that started their journey into the craft beer industry and the beginning of Texas Beer Refinery.


Welcome to the TBR Brewery located in a small warehouse in Dickinson, TX. This is where is all begins.

Craft Beer

Beyond the brewery and tap room, TBR distributes in 75+ locations in Houston and surrounding areas.
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Bill Arning- Brew Master

Bill is a well known, award-winning brewer and has done collaborations locally with Saloon Door Brewing, Beerfoot Beach Bar, and Brews Brothers.

Luis Barrera- Brewer

Luis has been with TBR since it's arrival on the craft beer scene. In the beginning, he volunteered his time for the chance to learn about the craft beer business.

Cranky Britches Brewing

American IPA's and big, dark beers like Stouts and Porters. Before starting in the craft beer business, Bill owned operated a lawn care company for 31 years.

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What clients say

“One of my favorite breweries in Texas. Their craft beer is fresh and has a great flavor.”
Bernice B Moran
“Texas Beer Refinery have undoubtedly mastered the art of brewing. I love the unique flavors of their craft brews.”
Claude L Dineen