Current craft beers on tap as of Aug 9, 2018




This refreshing ale has a clean and smooth mouthfeel, along with a hint of malt sweetness. The hops are restrained in this beer to yield a well-balanced session beer with a hint of citrus in the nose. Beware, Tex’s Blonde is habit forming. 5.3% ABV / 4.3 SRM / 20 IBU


Rich complex malt flavor and aroma reminiscent of caramel, toffee and dark raisiny fruit. Pours deep red with a creamy tan head. Brewed with all European malt and hops, but fermented with our house ale yeast. No hop aroma or flavor to compete with this malt oriented beer, but just enough to balance the sweetness. Full bodied, easy drinking, clean tasting ale.5.6% ABV / 15 SRM / 27 IBU


Gulf Coast Gose - (Goes-ah) is a refreshing, tart, slightly salty, citrusy indulgence. This historic style originated in Germany along the Gose River in 1740. Gose is brewed with toasted coriander, sea salt, sour malt, and wheat. Our unique Gose changes with the season. Our current Gose is brewed with cranberries, sour apples, and oranges. This beer pours pink and finishes tart and slightly briney. 5.0% ABV / 4 SRM / 13 IBU


A hoppy full-flavored ale similar to an American IPA in hop aroma and flavor, but without the perceived bitterness. Mexican Key limes have been added to accentuate the citrusy aroma from the American hops while balancing the bitterness with the sweetness of the Key limes. Lime peel is also added to create a more complex citrus character. This is a new, inventive style of beer, the Mexican IPA. 7.0% ABV / 9 SRM / 67 IBU


This Third Coast IPA is brewed with a ridiculous amount of hops and just enough malt sweetness to create a smooth, delectable finish. “Cooked” with eight different hop varieties, Catalyst has a complex and unique blend of citrus, pine, and dank. Palatable and intense enough to give even the biggest hop head a jolt. 9.6% ABV / 9 SRM / 160 IBU

Gluten Free Statement: All Texas Beer Refinery brews are now ‘Engineered to remove gluten.” Time to kick off your boots and relax with a locally made, craft brew without the worry.  The gluten content has been reduced below 30 ppm (considered gluten free by FDA standards).  Legal Disclaimer (1) the product was made from a grain that contains gluten; (2) there is currently no valid test to verify the gluten content of fermented products; and (3) the finished product may contain gluten